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Specialist at improving the human/canine relationship.

If you are looking for a Certified Master Trainer in Central Missouri who can help you improve your pet’s behavior, look no further than us. Our specialty is improving the human/canine relationship.

To turn your dog into a GREAT behaving companion, dial (573) 746-9300 today!

Basic Pet Obedience

If you love your furry friend yet you are sick and tired of finding your shoes chewed or your cushions ripped off, bring it to Howies Happy Dog Training and Development, LLC. A well-behaved dog means a peaceful household. We will teach your pet to listen to and obey your commands, respect you, and much more. Also, we are qualified to work with tough and aggressive animals.

Our dog training sessions will increase your four-legged friend’s confidence and sociability, will teach it life skills, and build a positive relationship between you and your pet.

Training Specialties Include:

Using whatever methodology is appropriate for your dog obedience training:

  • Puppy Through Advanced AKC Competition
  • Schutzhund Training for Competition
  • Competition Problem Solving
  • Tracking
  • Behavior Modification
  • Specializing in Aggresion Problems
  • Specializing in the Working Breeds and Therapy Dogs
  • Private Training Specialist

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Whatever your requirements may be, we can meet them in a timely manner. From puppy training to top level competition dogs, we put equal effort, heart, and soul in working with your best friend. Choose the trainer your pet would. Choose us!

5 Stars

I can't recommend Howie highly enough. Before we began working with Howie, my puppy, Birdie, was insufferable. She was biting and breaking skin on a regular basis, lunging at faces, and resource guarding. Her behavior was deeply concerning for a dog of her age and breed. Over the course of the "puppy" and "basic" sequences with Howie, we were able to correct every single one of these issues. Along the way, Howie patiently explained the psychology behind each technique. Understanding the rationale helped me imagine the training from Birdie's perspective and vastly increased its efficacy. Not only did we address Birdie's behavioral issues, but we completed substantial obedience work that has gone a long way toward making Birdie a happy, well-mannered addition to our family. Finally, thanks to our socialization work, my once out-of-control puppy has become a joy to introduce to others in public, both human and canine. Throughout the process, Howie was engaged, reliable, and incomparably knowledgeable. Between lessons, he frequently answered my calls and texts about emerging training issues or fine-tuning. In short: Howie saved our dog. He invested in my dog as if she was his own. It seems that in his eyes, there is no problem too big for him to handle, no issue too far gone for his redirection, and no dog unworthy of his of help. I am immensely grateful.

Hope Watson

5 Stars

Howie was awesome! He trained US and we now have a much happier, content dog that is much easier to be around. A special bonus- Howie used his personal pets to desensitize our pup to German Shepherds. He can now visit the dog park and get his needed exercise without reacting to this breed. What a relief that is for us! Have an issue with your dog?? Hire Howie!

Melissa Watson

5 Stars

Howie definitely understands dogs. He has helped us a lot with a rescue that showed dominance related issues. She is much better behaved. We are still working with her, as it is a process, but he has been very knowledgeable and accessible.

Kaci Larsen

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