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I am a certified Master Trainer with over 40 years of experience in many fields of canine training, including obedience, protection, tracking, specific order detection, agility, weight pulling, therapy work, some service dog work, behavior modification and more. I am a graduate of West Virginia Canine College, the St. Louis College of Animal Science, and the Tom Rose School. I am also Certified by Cornell University for Resolution of Canine Behavior Problems.

Unlike most trainers that I have met and worked with, I don’t believe in any one method or set ot techniques over others. Any trainer that tries to tell you that any one method, any one technique, any one ideological system, is the only appropriate one to use for all dogs, simply has not worked with a large variety of different breeds. Does it make sense to you that a working breed dog, such as a Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Briard, or Bouvier should be trained in the same way, using the same methods and techniques as a companion dog such as a Golden Retriever, Poodle, Sheltie, or Pug? Should a sight hound,which has been bred to run and chase their prey such as a Greyhound, Saluki, or Afghan be trained the same way as a terrier which has been bred to dig into the ground for their prey such as Fox Terrier, Westie or Scottie?

I could go on & on talking about differences in breed characteristics, how their brains are wired differently, breed tendencies and more. And we haven’t even begun to talk about differences in individual personalities. I FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT NO TWO DOGS SHOULD BE TRAINED EXACTLY THE SAME WAY!!! Though of course, strictly positive methodologies will always be tried first.

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