Always Wondered How Guide Dogs Are Trained?

Most people know that guide dogs help the blind regain their mobility and independence. They help their owners navigate traffic, around numerous obstacles, and assess the dangers with certain situations. However, most people do not know how much special dog training is needed to do this. Several different dog breeds can become good guide dogs, however, the likes of Labrador, gold retrievers and German shepherds, are generally the best suited to this type of work. Basic training starts from the puppy stage, and dogs that have good temperaments will receive a more detailed and complex instruction and training.

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It will take a special kind of dog to become a guide dog. The dog needs to have a good temperament, be good natured, intelligent, observant, and not scared by loud noises or crowds. Even the best trainer in the world will not be able to train a nervous or skittish dog.

How Is Special Dog Training Performed for Guide Dogs?

Guide dogs are usually trained by non-profit schools which specialize in offering service animals for the blind or visually impaired. The training starts from puppyhood, volunteer puppy raisers will help to socialize the pup and teach it basic obedience skills, such as come, sit, or stay. They will also be exposed to different situations, like busy streets, public buildings, and buses.

The puppy training lasts until the dog is 12-14 months old, this also provides an opportunity to see what a dog’s temperament will be like to more extensive training. Around 20% of puppies will be released from the program this time.

One the volunteer puppy raiser has returned the guide dog, it will then be trained by a professional for around 3 months. The trainer will use methods like positive reinforcement, clickers, rewards of food and praise, to teach the dog skills like walking in a straight line, dealing with big crowds, stopping at curbs, etc. The dog has to learn how to ignore distractions like other animals, and how to behave well in public places like trains, buses, shops, restaurants, etc.

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