Obedience Training

The professionals at Howies Happy Dog Training and Development, LLC offer outstanding obedience training services, designed specifically around each dog and breed. With our services, you'll gain a more intelligent and well-behaved dog.

Our dog training services target each aspect of your canine companion's behavior. We help instill and foster good habits, enforce discipline, and improve responsiveness. You'll be amazed at the change in your dog after behavioral training!

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Outstanding Dog Behavior Training and Development

In addition to loyalty and companionship, a well-behaved dog is among their most important and valued characteristics. The most well-behaved and responsive dogs showcase their skills in high-level competitions. However, any dog—and their respective owner— can reap the benefits of skillful dog training to strengthen their relationship, even without any intention to compete!

There are various stages to obedience training, and there are options to suit dogs of all ages, breeds, and backgrounds. We have seen the old saying, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" proven wrong time and time again. From teaching your dog how to respond to basic commands to more advanced, breed-specific tactics, we have the services your dog needs.

Our approach is patient and diligent and is deeply rooted in years of experience and dog theory. We allow your dog to exercise discipline, through which true potential can be unleashed.

Engaging Dog Command Instruction

Dogs are extremely energetic and perceptive beings and can become hyperexcited when exposed to new places or situations. For this reason, we find our obedience and behavior training sessions to be most effective in the home. Our prompt and convenient obedience training appointments take place on your own home and property, where your dog is relaxed and at ease.

Your dog will be instructed one command at a time, and we will proceed based on his or her progression. Typically, introductory obedience training takes six to ten weeks. While no dog is untrainable, certain breeds tend to be more challenging than others.

We use devices such as collars, leashes, and clickers to complement our training sessions. Get in touch to learn more!

Years of Experience in Dog and Puppy Training

Howies Happy Dog Training and Development, LLC has nearly 45 years of experience working alongside dogs. We have extensive credentials and qualifications, including from the West Virginia Canine College, the St. Louis College of Animal Science, The Tom Rose School, and a certification from Cornell University.

We are fully licensed and bonded for our services and have decades of experience serving all breeds and mixes. Our expertise is unmatched!

For all your obedience training needs, we are the company to call!

Realize Your Canine Companion's Potential with Proven Obedience Training

Develop your dog's innate abilities with the obedience training services offered by Howies Happy Dog Training and Development, LLC. We have the passion, resources, and skills to serve both you and your dog!

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