Scent Training

A chief component of any thorough dog training regimen is scent training. This service allows dogs to develop and enhance their natural senses and instincts for scent and sniffing. The dog training professionals at Howies Happy Dog Training and Development, LLC provide thorough and engaging scent training services, building your dog's natural abilities to their full potential.

Our scent training sessions take place in the comfort and convenience of your property. Making use of proven techniques and materials, and calling on decades of dependable experience, we advance your dog's personality and development!

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Develop Your Dog's Scent Tracking Instincts

A well-trained dog is also a happy, intelligent, and well-adjusted dog with a strong bond to its owner. Everyone knows that dogs have a remarkable ability to scope out their environment using their nose. While this is a native ability, we can help develop and improve it.

There are several advantages to adding scent training to your dog's training routine. Scent training has been shown to elevate dogs' levels of trust and confidence, both with themselves and with their owner. Scent training is also an excellent vehicle for dogs to expend energy and develop intelligence.

Your canine companion already has these instincts— leave it to us to build them up!

Proven Approach to Scent Following and Skill Development

Our approach combines proven traditional knowledge and dog training methods with the latest developments and advances in behavioral knowledge. While some breeds have more highly developed scent abilities, any dog can have their abilities improved and developed.

We set up a training circuit on your property, where your dog is at their most comfortable. We'll begin by establishing the scent of a favorite toy and employ tracking training as well. The sessions will increase in difficulty and complexity, building up your dog's abilities.

You will notice a perceptible difference in your dog's behaviors and response levels almost instantly!

Decades of Experience in Dog Tracking and Scent Training

Not only do we have years of experience, but we are also certified in dog training! We have completed our qualifications and credentials at institutions such as West Virginia Canine College, St. Louis College of Animal Science, and the Tom Rose School. Howies Happy Dog Training and Development, LLC has an unmatched love and passion for dogs, as well as years of experience servicing dogs of all breeds and backgrounds

We are fully licensed and bonded for our services and tailor our approach to each dog. Whatever your dog training needs, we are the company to call!

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Develop Your Dog's Full Range of Abilities with Scent Training

See for yourself the difference that scent training can make for your dog!

At Howies Happy Dog Training and Development, LLC, we have the passion and skills to serve you and your dog. Call us today to request free pricing information or schedule a session. We look forward to working together and meeting your canine companion!

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