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Fetch is far more than one of your dog's favorite pastimes and activities. It allows them to develop a wide number of skills and increase intelligence. While tracking is an innate skill and ability that all dogs possess, the dog training experts at Howies Happy Dog Training and Development, LLC can help harness and develop this skill!

We offer tracking training at all skill levels, from introductory to advanced. We will help your dog increase its abilities, and foster a stronger relationship with you, their owner!

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Fun, Engaging Approach to Dog Tracking Training

For dogs, tracking involves the use of the nose to follow the particular scent of an object. Dogs have exceptionally sensitive noses and have the ability to use their tracking instinct to locate items such as food or toys from great distances away. Our services give dogs the ability to improve and develop their instinctive tracking skills.

Tracking is a highly satisfying and engaging activity for a dog. It allows them to react actively with their environment, and also establish a cooperative course of action with their owner or another human.

Developing in stages, we exercise your dog's tracking and scent training potential by increasing the distances and also the level of challenge. Dog tracking has been proven to have positive effects on behavior and well-being. It is also a fantastic bonding opportunity.

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Routines and Proven Techniques for Tracking and Scent Training

We believe that tracking training and other dog training services are best performed at your own property, where your dog won't be excited by the stimulation of a new environment. We set up a track along a given length featuring a course, and also establish the tracking object which is most likely their favorite toy.

We gradually increase the tracking distance and the level of difficulty. We'll instill a sense of responsibility and increase your dog's responsiveness. With verbal and physical rewards such as treats, your dog will learn a great deal at our tracking training sessions.

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For nearly 45 years, we have been working alongside dogs and dedicating ourselves to dog behavior. We have the credentials and qualifications to match our great passion and love for dogs.

We have completed education programs from the West Virginia Canine College, St. Louis College of Animal Science, and the Tom Rose School. We are also certified by Cornell in canine behavioral training.

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Equip your dog with the skills in tracking and training, which will improve each aspect of their life and behavior!

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