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Occasional completely trained young adult dogs for sale

Often Therapy Dog Certified

These dogs will always have complete in home manners, and on and off leash obedience. They will have been socialized to most every situation. The finalized training can be customized to suit individual buyer if additional specific behaviours are desired.

Price will vary by dog:

Male German Shepard

  • Will be approximately one year old.
  • Will be ready to go in early spring.
  • Completely socialized to every imaginable situation.
  • Complete on and off lead obedience.
  • Will be certified as a therapy dog by Therapy Dogs International.

Price: $10,000

Most any additional behaviors can be added to the training!

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At Howies Happy Dog Training and Development, LLC we take immense pride in the dogs that we sell to loving homes. Our reputation for hard work and commitment to excellence is something we are very proud of. It is also one that we work extremely hard to maintain. This means that when you come to us for a new dog, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive the four-legged friend that best meets you and your family’s needs. Don’t take chances with inferior sellers when the number one option is right here on your doorstep. Call today to schedule an initial appointment or to learn more about the services we offer.

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