Behavior Modification

A good dog is a well-behaved dog! Enlist the assistance of Howies Happy Dog Training and Development, LLC for all your dog's behavior modification needs.

We have the skill and experience to address any behavioral issue or problem your dog may be facing. With the correct methods, techniques, and products, dogs of any age or breed can undergo noticeable improvements in behavior.

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Patient, Methodical Dog Behavior Training for All Breeds and Ages

Behavior, whether good or bad, is always a learned phenomenon. No dog is inherently well or badly behaved, and all forms of canine behavior can be addressed and improved. At Howies Happy Dog Training and Development, LLC, our objective is to help each dog be the best dog they can be!

We understand that dogs and their personalities are as unique as us humans. As a result, we tailor our approach to obedience and behavior training to each canine companion. With patience and careful dedication, we get to the source of behavioral issues such as aggression, fear, separation anxiety, and other issues.

With our outstanding services, your dog will be a well-adjusted and more responsive companion. With our in-home behavioral modification sessions, you can receive the services you need in the convenience and privacy of your own property.

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Proven Obedience Training Methods

While puppies and younger dogs are the best candidates for behavior modification, it can be employed successfully on dogs of any age. In essence, behavior can be roughly defined as any given reaction to a situation. In terms of dog's behavior, this may manifest itself in reaction to humans, other animals, situations and routines, or various places.

Our team uses a variety of methods and techniques to facilitate the behavior modification process, assessing in-depth the way your dog thinks, feels, and acts. We will evaluate particular triggering areas and points of interest, encouraging self-control and relaxation.

Whatever your dog's behavioral issue, we can successfully identify and overcome them.

Certified, Qualified Dog Trainers with Decades of Experience

At Howies Happy Dog Training and Development, LLC, our passion and love for dogs is matched by our decades of education and credentials in the field. We have completed programs from the West Virginia Canine College, St. Louis College of Animal Science, The Tom Rose School. We are also certified by Cornell University to resolve canine behavior problems and are the only certified trainer in the area.

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Best Behavior Modification Services

For top-quality behavior modification sessions for your dog, look no further than the expertise of Howies Happy Dog Training and Development, LLC. We have the skills and experience to help your dog move past any behavioral issue, and be a better all-around companion!

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